1.  You are NOT ALLOWED TO DRAG your words in the main lobby. Ex: hiiiiiiii friendssssssss.

  2. CAPITAL letters are NOT to be used in the main chat by normal users. (Moderators may use it for  warning and Admins may use it always)

  3. You should ONLY use English and Tamil languages (in English fonts) in the main lobby. (Don't use Unicode or Tamil fonts)

  4. NICKNAMES should NOT contain punctuations alone or Unicode fonts. Also, avoid using other language words as nickname.

  5. DO NOT choose nicknames that are similar to our Admin, Moderator and VIP nick names

  6. DO NOT FLOOD in the main lobby by repeatedly posting the same messages and smileys.

  7. DO NOT choose font colors/styles that are ILLEGIBLE (irritative to the eyes or hard to read) and disturbs the main.

  8. DO NOT publish email IDs or telephone numbers in the main chat.

  9. DO NOT talk to Admins, Mods and other users in an Insulting Manner.

    *You shall be warned for breaking any of the above rules. Failure to comply with them further empowers Mods and Admins to kick/ban accordingly.


  10. You are NOT ALLOWED to publish any kind of web links in the main lobby.

  11. DO NOT use bad language in the main chat. And also, DO NOT keep indecent words in your nick names.

  12. Racial and Religious topics should NOT be discussed in main. (If you receive a warning from our Mods/Admins regarding this, discontinue the talk immediately)

    **Strict measures (such as kick or ban without warning) will be taken if the last three rules are not followed.